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Che-Val Gets Interviewed by BASHAW

Everything you want to know about husband-and-wife music team Che-Val can be answered in this interview. Get to know Laura and Kenny Cash: Ten Questions with Che-Val

Here's a look at one of the questions:

2. How long have you two been married to each other? How did you meet?

"We have been married for three years this past July, but we’ve been together for seven years. I met Kenny while accompanying a friend to record a hip hop hook in Kenny’s studio. Though I was recording a country album at the time, Kenny was impressed by my writing and wanted to start working together. Best pick up line ever (laughs) Just kidding! We actually started on the music first and the love came second. My friend whom I met Kenny through actually told me that Kenny was “off-limits” because he didn’t want me to mess up his business! But hey, now I get him discounts… so who’s laughing now?"

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Che-val _Beg_



Che-Val new single don't give up on me




We are proud that our newest single "Beg" is featured on the USA Network show Temptation Island:

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