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Indie Pop Duo Che-Val Featured in Love Music Magazine

UK's Love Music Magazine takes some time to get to know alternative pop husband-and-wife duo Che-Val in an intimate feature and Q&A: Che-Val

"Thanks for being in this issue of Love Music Magazine, could you tell the readers about you?

“We are Che-Val: a husband-and-wife music team that plays with orchestration, synths, and melodies to deliver what we hope is our own unique alternative pop. Kenny is a Berklee college graduate, and the composer/multi-instrumentalist , and I lend the vocals. Even though my background comes from mainly Pop and Country music, Kenny comes from more of a Hip Hip/Funk and Soul background which leaves a lot of room for us both to creatively contribute to the songwriting. So basically our music really stems from cross-genre influences and meshes the best of these worlds together. “ – Laura Cash

I know you are a husband and wife duo. It’s nice you can work together in your art. What came first, the music or the marriage?

“The music! I met Kenny while accompanying a friend to record a hip hop hook in Kenny’s studio. Though I was recording a country album in Nashville at the time, Kenny was so impressed by my writing skills that we decided to work on varying genres of music together, strengthening their musical skills individually and collectively. Now we are a package and really bring out the best in each other, musically and in all other facets, so it’s almost impossible to separate the two!” – Laura Cash

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

“I think that finding a successful way to blend our love for music and for each other has been the highlight. We spent our anniversary this year working on and recording our music video – this was our present to each other. But we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it (unless maybe Prince was performing in town). “ – Laura Cash

If you could offer any words of advice to new musicians, what would it be?

“Try to enjoy as much of the process as you can, because this is your passion. Unfortunately, music is a business, so there’s going to be work that can pull you away from the creative side. But you have to find the joy in the little things.

Also, if you concentrate too much on the money or the fame, it’s easy to go mad!” – Kenny Cash"

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Che-val _Beg_



Che-Val new single don't give up on me




We are proud that our newest single "Beg" is featured on the USA Network show Temptation Island:

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