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"Love Still Waiting" by New Alt Pop Band Che-Val is Featured on Love Is Pop

The audio from indie music duo Che-Val's next single, "Love Still Waiting" has been released and is featured on Love is Pop: #songoftheday / review : Che-Val: "Love Still Waiting"

"We have saved CHE-VAL’s luscious new single, “Love Still Waiting,” for the last day of the week so we could declare it not only #songoftheday but #songoftheweek as well, being that it’s the most addictive and well-crafted tune we’ve heard this week.

It begins with a healthy dose of infectious horns courtesy of Funky Dawgz Brass Band, along with some jangly, disco guitar from Kyle Duke, and you know you’re in for one heck of an audible treat. But the real stars of the show are Kenny and Laura Cash, husband Kenny delivering some seriously funked up bass guitar while wife Laura provides irresistible vocals in the vein of Kylie Minogue. It ultimately splits the difference between vintage ’70’s funk and early ’80’s pop and tastes like fine wine with notes of, well, kazoo.

The most charming thing about “Love Still Waiting” is how it slows down for the chorus. You naturally think the tempo is about to increase when it hits that point, the pre-hook being super fast, but it throws you a major curve ball by slowing down and therein likes the hook, Laura singing “my love still waiting,” all hot and sultry. It’s a shiny diamond of a pop song that should make your day, provided you’re not here just for the death metal!"

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Che-val _Beg_



Che-Val new single don't give up on me




We are proud that our newest single "Beg" is featured on the USA Network show Temptation Island:

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