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"My Beat" from New Indie Band Che-Val is Featured on Love Is Pop

Indie alternative band Che-Val has been featured on Love Is Pop!! : Single Spotlight: Che-Val: "My Beat"

Here's a snippet:

"Sweet, sweet, sweet, holy mother of bliss! Damn, if “My Beat,” the debut single by husband and wife team Kenny and Laura Cash, is not the catchiest song we’ve heard all week! Click play above and hear why already! Seriously, this one deserves three exclamation points because it truly is that terrific. From the Kenny’s funky bass and potent beats to the song’s whole ’80’s throwback yet current sound, it’s nothing short of perfect all around. And Laura’s vocals and lyrics are simply to die for. It’s like Alphabeat’s last album or a more fun version of Betty Who, bursting with flavor that’s only enhanced by multiple listenings."

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Che-val _Beg_



Che-Val new single don't give up on me




We are proud that our newest single "Beg" is featured on the USA Network show Temptation Island:

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